Hail to the Silk Worm

February 27, 2010

I spent some of my day today spinning silk at the farm.

I belong to a spinning and dyeing group which meets every Saturday at a local city farm – it’s kinda cool sitting spinning the fleece of the alpaca that your watching through the window.

Today I was presented with silk caps – the finest fibre I’ve ever played with – it was so pure and white and strong and I was able to spin the finest threads.  I then made a navaho ply of the thread and it is still thinner than any wool I have spun.  The next phase will be to dye the skeins with something from the dye garden – I love the organicness of the process.

There will be more about the farm as this continues – it’s so nice to break up the week by entering this lovely feminine world – I find London very masculine most of the time – it reminds me of my other life living in hippy rural Australia.  A group of women – all ages sharing knowledge and skills and stories.  It reaffirms how wonderful we woman are.


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