R156 G123 B59

January 6, 2011

There is a theory that every city has a colour, Sydney is blue, London is grey, Barcelona is gold – Doha would be R156 G123 B59.

Three days in and first impressions are muted.  I have really only gone from The Apartment to work and visited a couple of malls on the outskirts.  I have yet to enter into the city proper – JCC is at Education City and the Qatar Foundation, on the city perimeter – a huge building project that hosts schools and universities.

The absence of pedestrians is odd.  Apparently it can be difficult to cross roads as there are few footpaths and few pedestrian crossings – such is the lack of demand.  This evening I went for a swim at the Recreation Centre around the corner from the Studios.  There was no continuous footpath and what I had thought to be lawn was actually astro turf – I guess if it only rains 3-4 times a year why not!  After the swim I had time to kill before my driver arrived so I had a brief walk.  I was the only person outside in the grounds.  I was also the only person in the olympic size pool.  For now the solitude is nice – after London crowds – having spent much of the last year meditating and studying Buddhist philosophy these three months may be nice for my spiritual growth.

Not being a mall kind of girl I am eager to visit the souks – though whilst in general being unimpressed by shopping malls – Villagio looked like a cross between Vegas and the Truman Show with a huge canal through the middle.  It was full of UK brand stores – M & S, Boots, BHS, Mango – didn’t feel much like Arabia at all – more a Westfield.

My apartment doesn’t have an address – ‘behind the Doha Clinic, right at the palm tree’ pretty much sums up what I have been told to tell taxi drivers.  The Apartment is huge.  I’ve actually chosen the smaller of the bedrooms – I felt too lost in the big room.

Every thing works – not exactly my taste of decor – but a few chintzes and sun-catchers should make it feel more like mine.  There is cable – a few English language TV channels and I am very very pleased that I can access BBC radio through my PC – I can still listen to Jarvis on a Sunday.

Work is great – the facilities amazing – I haven’t worked anywhere with the facilities to go live everyday since Channel Ten over 15 years ago.  Everyone I’ve met is incredibly friendly and helpful.  It is a melting pot of nationalities and languages – lots of French and Italian speakers.  My lack of a second language is embarrassing – I hope to pick up Arabic as I go – at least days of the weeks and numbers so I can check the promos!

The weekend (Fri & Sat) beckons – I plan to visit the souks and get my kitchen up and running.


5 Responses to “R156 G123 B59”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Keep the blogs coming hon. It sounds intreguing. The view from your balcony is lovely.
    How are you enjoying the calls to prayer? Nice way to wake up in the morning, I think. (Albeit a little early for my liking.) Was looking into coming to visit at Chinese New Year, but the air fares are exhorbitant.
    Enjoy it all and keep posting chicken. xxxKel

  2. Anna P Says:

    Loving those festoon blinds! Good luck, go girl!

  3. Zelma Says:

    Great to here that all is well.
    Be careful when exploring on your own!

  4. Selby Says:

    Hi Peta, wow. Love the blog!

  5. pot Says:

    hi pete i had no idea you had moved on from london. great to hear from you. keep sending the updates. so i suppose you won’t be coming home for a while longer. all well here. pot

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