18 Days In

January 21, 2011

I can’t get the Aussie Open at home, but I can get camel races – I always thought they would have riders – apparently not!  Yet another myth dispelled.  There’s been a photo finish.  I’d rather the tennis.

Camel Races

As the dust settles (or not as the case in point) this week I had my first batch of doubts about being here for any great length of time.  Whilst I am determined not to write anything negative about the type of life here – it is a very different life and I need to find my groove in a town that thus far is in no way ‘groovy’.  If the only entertainment I can have is going to shopping malls then this town is not for me.

It will only need a small group of like minded souls. I am doing positive things to help make things easier; like fostering a cat, joining the knitting group, meditating.  I’ve enquired about getting a car allowance and have arranged to get some BBC channels added to my home cable service.

I’m only 18 days in.

Trying to keep it all in perspective.  I went out for a walk at lunch during the week – thought I would sit somewhere and get some air and have a ponder – there is no public seating!  There are vast spaces of lawn (not just astro turf), trees and sculptured gardens and not a public seat amongst them.  The only people to be seen were migrant workers sitting in huddles on the ground under trees.  It’s like the air is alien and you can’t be out in it – weirdness!  I get that it gets very very hot – but for at least 4 months of the year it is perfectly pleasant.

Ed City - open space and no public seating.

Every time I say I’m going to the post office/ bank I have a chorus of people offering me a lift – it’s closer than the bus-stop in London!  This is always followed by a statement along the lines of ‘but you won’t be able to do that in summer’.  Yes – but it’s winter and a perfectly acceptable – I would even say lovely – 21 degrees!

I have been very tired since I’ve been here.  Someone posed the theory that it is due to a lack of oxygen – there are simply not enough trees.  I’m unsure of the theory but I agree that trees are in short supply.  I went for a walk around my district and it had the ambience of Osbourne Park on a Sunday. (a reference for Perthites).


I do think there is one certainty from this Middle Eastern jaunt – my days in the dank dark isle of Britain are numbered – my love affair with sunshine has recommenced.  I feel my old sun drenched self coming to the fore – the ease of life, languidity of days.  I spend my week planning where and how I can loll in the sun and have a swim.  I really need a car!

In saying that – we’ve had a rain (note the preposition).  Actually we had three days of rain.   When it only rains a few times a year drains are not really a priority – there is nowhere for the rain to go – as I discovered when I miscalculated a puddle attempting to reach a car door – foot sodden with rank water!  I’ve only brought one pair of socks with me – as someone suggested (thanks James) – off to the sock souk!  The incident happen as I had a lovely catch up with Greg, who I know from a few different circles (Gaz and FOXTEL), we went to a great Thai place around the corner from me that I would never have found – it’s attached to a massage parlour.

Thai Restaurant

'Do they do a good Pad Thai?' wasn't my first thought.

I should introduce you to Lewis…


I feel like an adulterer – but I can assure you that I am only using him for cuddles until my initial three month stint here is over.   He’s fostered from a local cat charity (run by an Aussie) and whilst he’s the prettiest cat I’ve ever had in my home, he is also the loudest. If he doesn’t have a home by the end of March another ‘fosterer’ will look after him.  I think it’s mutually beneficial to Lewis and I – just don’t tell Bubs.

By the way I finally found the tennis – come on Nadal…


One Response to “18 Days In”

  1. Zelma Says:

    Another interesting post, thank you.
    I think camel races in Aust. have riders!!
    Lewis is a very fine speciman,did you name him?
    You may have heard this quoted before. My Father would have said ” his mother must have been a good puss “

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