Great Aussie Salute

January 28, 2011

A great image of home - Yokine Bowling Club

Spent today making the great Aussie salute – fending off flies with a bunch of local animal lovers, Doha Dogs and Cats in Qatar to be precise.  A great bunch of ex-pats raising money and awareness and trying to re-home cats and dogs.

Cat Folk


Lewis made a fine specimen, by far the cutest moggie there.  I’m torn between wishing him a loving permanent home and wanting him with me. He is still there for the afternoon – I moved him out of his hiding hole so that he could work the room a bit.

Lewis's fav spot

The whole afternoon felt very ‘Perth”; sparse vegetation, ochre colours and the ‘tone’ of the sun.  BBQ’s and esky’s.  A lazy day sitting outside, shaded by a tree, chatting unreserved.  I meet some lovely people full of advice and stories about the type of life you can have here.  There were some lovely dogs and cats too, at least three had been re-homed by the time I left.  It was just out of Doha so I had my first taste of the desert – again, a lot like W.A.

Cat and Dog Folk

I must get a car!  There are beaches to be seen!  Work has said no to a car allowance this contract so for now it’s looking like weekend rentals.   Driving here is a little bit mental – lots of barging into roundabouts, lots of very big land cruisers and a lack of knowledge about what an indicator light is for.  They talk about when you ‘have’ an accident instead of ‘if’ – much like cycling in London – and you know how that turned out for me (snap).

Work had been busy this week – I’m enjoying it; broadcasting is similar all over the world – programmes will arrive late, changes will be made and transmission will always be fine in the end.

The Knitting Group is great – a really nice mix in my week.  I started working with the scratchy yarn from the souk, but it’s way over spun which thwarted my fair isle attempt – it’s now being worked into string bags.  I want my wheel.  The group meets every Monday at a different persons house so i’m also getting to see different living set ups.  Compound life looks more like my cup of tea – bungalows, gardens and swimming pools are the way forward – not really a highrise kind of gal. But this is all a little while off – no decision or offer has been made.

Scratchy Wool

Yet another Australia Day far from home.  I think absence has made me more nationalistic as I realise the cliche of ‘The Lucky Country’ – it really is the most beautiful of places and the national psyche is one to be proud of.  I see myself in the archtypes; the ‘Larrakin’, the sun-worshipper’, ‘she’ll be right mate’ and all that.

I’ve guess I’ve been very homesick this week – watching the Aussie open and seeing the sun-drenched skies made me want to be on a plane yesterday.  Photos of my nephews’ holiday and press pics of Bondi on Australia Day didn’t help.

I’d give anything for a swim in the Never Never Creek at The Promised Land right about now.

Never Never Creek, The Promised Land

I’ve been playing my favourite songs to remind me of what I miss, being sweetly sentimental as I lament the sound of kookaburras and the smell of the sea.  My determination for a simple life in a rural idle gains strength everyday as I strive to work out a means to this end.  If it means a longer stint here then that’s what has to be done.  All I want is chooks and a veggie patch.

‘I’m dreaming of your voices and the songs I’ve never heard.’


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