The Simplest of Things

February 12, 2011

I was stopped in my tracks this week by the simplest of things.  Taking a lunch time walk through Education City I looked up and saw a frangipani in flower – the sight of it literally took my breath away, it was so unexpected.  The beauty and nostalgia of it brought tears to me eyes; memories of Bondi summers and Lismore New Years – I picked one of the flowers and spent the afternoon drowning in its scent.


It was a welcome gift to what has been quite a hard week.

I had a tough week at work – must learn to keep big mouth shut.

Went out on Thursday night to the Doha Rugby Club for a breast cancer fundraiser.  Felt like I was back on the Mid North Coast – middle aged men playing very loud guitar and trashy girls drinking Bacardi Breezers.  Didn’t feel middle eastern at all.  Had a fun night with some work colleagues, but not really my cup of tea – was all a bit ‘dancing around hand bags’ for me.

Sharq Beach

Finally went to the beach today thanks to Greg.  We spent the afternoon on the beach at the Sharq Hotel – very posh!  It was quite windy so we abandoned the actual coast for the shelter of the hotel pool area – it was a tad weird sitting in bathers with locals around ‘covered up’ – but that’s the deal.  A lovely day in the sun – I have to admit to being ever so slightly sunburnt – oops!  (about than tanorexia).

Sharq Pool

Last weekend I explored more of the souks – what I found was fantastically tacky,  Souk Waqif is the main souk and is very ‘traditional’ even though most of it is quite new.

Souk Waqif

The souks to the side of it were 70’s shopping malls made of marble and neon lights – shop after shop of fabrics and abayas (the women’s black robes).  I found the ‘button and bow’ souk – a delightful array of haberdashery and tack; rows of ribbon, hair bands, fake flowers and lace.  You have to wonder who would buy it all.


On the crafty side I’ve finished a bag that I made with the scratchy Bedouin wool – the question now is to felt or not to felt – I put it to a vote with the knitting girls on Monday.

Scratchy Bag

It looks as though the lovely Lewis will leave me tomorrow – he’s found a permanent home which is great for him and not so for me – I hope to foster another.

Spent yesterday glued to the tele and Egypt.  Amazing images and a wonderful result – what an amazing example of what people power can do.  I’m loving David Frost on Al Jazeera by the way – I’ve been watching almost nothing but news for weeks – time for something lighter – True Blood Season 3 here I come…


2 Responses to “The Simplest of Things”

  1. Zelma Says:

    Thank you for your regular blog. We find it very interesting.
    Our summer has been practically non-existant.
    Mostly cool and wet – some nice days. Phillip has returned to Kalbarri after a week on Maatsyker Is., here and a weekend at Arthur Lake. He returned to 41c temp.!!!
    The array of ribbons etc looked mind boggoling!!I am not a tissy person either.
    Best wishes, love Zelma

  2. Jamey Says:

    Sad and happy to hear about Lewis’s permanent home! I will email you soon. Spinning isn’t the same without you! xx, Jamey

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