My Big Feet

March 3, 2011

I’m becoming intrigued by polygamy – It is legal for a man to take up to four wives here.  I asked a very pious colleague of mine, very cheekily, if woman could have more than one husband and he looked completely perplexed.  I did some basic research and it appears to be a sign of prestige – you must be able to afford to keep them all in separate houses and the first wife must consent.

I have discovered that it is much closer to me than I would have thought and am not sure of my thoughts on it – between consenting adults that is.  I appreciate that it is cultural.  We in the ‘west’ would not raise our daughters to be second or third in such a pecking order. As a feminist I have many thoughts on it and I wonder if I am lacking an appreciation or respect of the culture here.  I find this quandary and the subject itself fascinating.

On the other side of the cultural fence I managed to put my big foot in with some ex-pats – must remember that many Americans are on the other side of the religious spectrum and one mustn’t make fun of the Mormons (even though the ‘loaded’ biscuits in Adelaide is a very funny tale).

Hang on – don’t they do polygamy as well? (very pleased to be seeing Big Love on the tele here by the way – Chloe Sevigny they were not).

The weather at the moment is sublime.  High 20’s, if every day was like this i’d be a happy camper.  The bougainvillea is out, there’s a gentle breeze – if only it would last – I know it won’t.  I have been given a tip that in the summer months you turn off the boiler and use the hot tap as the cold and vice versa as the pipes are so hot.  Glad I know this now.

Perfect Day

Still negotiating a second contract – nothing signed – back in Blighty at the start of April.  I am interested in staying: interested in seeing what the summer is like, given that that is all that people here seem to talk about.  I may regret this statement when I’m stuck indoors with air-con at full blast – a weird parallel of an English winter – at least the sky won’t be grey.

I have failed to mention the dust thus far.   Every so often the sky is beige and the air thick with dust – I have been told that so far these have been mild.  I’m being given a serviced apartment so I have it cleaned three times a week – it only takes a day for a noticeable layer to settle.

Much happening in the news.  Gaddafi is one crazy cactus.

I am facing the inconvenience of a birthday far from family and mates – am making the most of it by indulging in a spa and massage followed by dinner at the souk with some work colleagues and knitting folk.  Need to visit the souk to get some fabric and dye stuff – plan to embark on some solar dyeing projects – there’s a little bit of sun about!


I’ll end with cat tale…

I woke the other morning thinking that I might unravel the slippers I was knitting and start anew on larger needles.

Upon walking into my lounge I discover the carcass of my knitting strewn across the room in the cliched zig zag of wool around table legs that can only be caused by a kitten.

Hand spun, dyed and knitted and rescued from a kitten.


4 Responses to “My Big Feet”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Aaahhhh… your perfect day pic makes me want to weep. How gorgeous. I hope you do get another contract.
    Happy Birthday Chicken!
    Hanging in a souk for the 44 sounds pretty memorable and fabulous to me. Have a beautiful day. Big hugs and loads of love, xxxKel

  2. Zelma Says:

    Happy Birthday, a birthday in a different environment, it will probably be a ‘one off’
    Enjoy it with work friends.
    Perhaps a new place next year!
    Love Zelma

  3. Jamey Says:

    Happy birthday!! By starting your post by saying you are ‘becoming intrigued by polygamy’ I expected a *very* different kind of post! 🙂

    Enjoy the sunshine! It’s grey and cold here in London, of course. Daffodils starting to peek up, but still grey and cold.

  4. Anna P Says:

    Happy belated birthday x

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