Elbows a No Go?

March 12, 2011

General Landscape - D Ring Road

It was International Women’s Day this week and I have been giving much contemplation to the plight of women less fortunate than myself.  Thinking of the freedoms I normally have as a western women and how much the small compromises I am being asked to make out of respect for the local culture annoy me and then comparing these to the plight of those denied an education, in forced marriages and powerless to create their own opportunities.  The least I can do is try to raise a little consciousness.

It’s heating up here – I had two days of toddler and mascot wrangling at work this week – 4000 kids over 2 days.  It was hot work!  At various points I went to strip down a layer – to a tank top – but remembered that this was a no go – especially as it was a work function.  To be fair elbows are ok – upper arms not so much.

Lili and I

I am an angry greeny leftist feminist this week as I see nuclear power plants on the brink of meltdown and contemplate the greed of men.  The earth quake and following tsunami were awful but I can’t stop reflecting on the concepts of Gaia – Mother Earth appears to be one pissed off lady!

Just did a news check – no longer on the brink of a meltdown – we have an explosion at a  nuclear power plant.  C’mon Aussies let’s mine some uranium!  Its 100% safe.

All this has interrupted a lazy weekend, saving Riyals as I wait to hear confirmation of a new contract, whilst planning a small segue to Malta in April.

I’ve been in the hammock reading Tales from the Arabian Nights, listening to my slow day mix, The Velvets, Joni Mitchell, Cat Stevens and the like.  It’s warm.  The cat is curled up in the bathroom sink.  I contemplate leaving the house but don’t fancy catching cabs – I can’t wait to get a car – the novelty is wearing thin as I feel the limits of my borders as the sun heats up – I’m already walking in the shade!

Must be a Qatar cat thing.

Had a nice birthday – spent way too much money on a spa and massage followed by dinner at the Souk.  All okay – glad it’s over and done with!

Birthday Mocktail

I made my first solar dye jar today – I boiled up turmeric root from the souk, laid the roots on some cloth, bound the cloth up, whacked it in a jar and poured on the dye water – plan is to leave it for either 3 weeks (if I am not coming back) or until I return in May.  Eucalypt and black tea experiments planned. I really want my spinning wheel today – the idleness is wearing thin.

Solar Dye - Day 1 Turmeric

I think I should turn off the TV, crank up some tunes and go back to the hammock…


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