Back to Green

April 1, 2011


Decided to get a cab from Paddington – couldn’t face the tube – figured it was 11pm my time and I just wanted home – my London home.

It was a good move – taking me past Hyde Park, down Mayfair to Hyde Park corner and the Aust War Memorial, through Victoria – there were people on the street and trees and green.  Green!  If anyone is to ask what I missed the most – Green.  Over Vauxhall bridge, so close to the farm and the goats and the sheep – can’t wait for tomorrow to be spinning at the farm again.  Through Kennington, the park, Brixton and home.

The flat seemed very small for the first 5 minutes, and cold with no grumpy cat to greet me.  (Bubs is staying with Joe).  Opening the stack of mail – statements, bills and flyers for the art house films and philharmonic orchestras – how much I grown culturally since coming here – I’ve noted my transition from sub to high culture since I’ve been here – but there are few cities where you have access to such amazing cultural diversity – theatre, opera, ballet, art – I won’t have this when I am living with my chooks in rural NSW (or where ever I may end up).

I’m all sentimental as I reminisce about how good this town has been to me – clarity in hindsight.  OK to be leaving, but justifiably sad too – I made a good life in this town, it took a long long time to find my groove.

But in the end I want home.  I’ve been wanting it for so long now.


I woke early. 6.30am, figured as I am back 3 hours this wasn’t too bad.  As there was no fresh food in the house I decided to make bread.  Can I say that my 9.30am breakfast of home baked bread, boiled eggs with hand grown and made tomato chutney was sheer and utter bliss.

I wandered down through Herne Hill, marveling at daffodils, magnolias and cherry blossoms.  Train to Victoria.  London has been described to me, and often by me, as a big churning cog – as I entered the tube at Victoria I literally felt myself enter its’ motion.

Magnolia, Half Moon Lane

I headed for Soho – first stop a well over due haircut – my hair was the longest it’s ever been, but three months of desalinated water and sandy air has seen me shorn back to shoulder length.

Popping up at Oxford Circus brought such a grin to my face, quick visit to Liberty for some yarn, wandered down Carnaby Street, veggies from Berwick St and a few other essential supplies – back to a rhythm and swagger.  All the time aware that this lifestyle is coming to an end – which I am perfectly fine with – but good to be mindful of in the moment.

Oxford Circus

Popped into Teachers, lunch with Andy and the Tech boys – tales of adventures over 1/2 pints of ale.  Listened to their concerns of impending redundancies and remembering being there six months ago – the whole company gets axed at the end of this month.  The UK is not in a good place at the moment.

Home and I made soup and have just finished a well over due spin on my wheel – oh how I have missed her!  I’m looking at her trying to work out if I can indeed fit her in Mum’s big blue suitcase –  believe I can.  Radio 6 Music setting a tone.

Off to dinner with the UK arm of the family tonight – Karen, Rich and Sarah.  Tomorrow is spinning – I believe there are at least two new lambs – and then Colleen is in town in her annual pop in before MIP.  Sunday is a catch up with Kat via a visit to The Royal Albert Hall to hear some Tchiacovsky.  So it’s jam packed all all incredibly pleasant.  I’m a happy camper right here, right now.

At the end of my road this afternoon


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