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I’m back. It’s conservative. It’s hot.

May 10, 2011

I don’t have much to say really.  I’m back.  It’s conservative. It’s hot.

The road ahead

I think what I miss the most is any semblance of subversion.  Perhaps an odd thing to miss, but I’m in a place where everyone plays by a set of rules which leads to an almost bland homogeny, and i’ve always liked to hover in the subcultural alternative fringe.  It’s not that I want to do anything illegal – more that the uniformity and conservatism makes life a tad benign.

But I knew what I was coming back too – this is just an observation really.  My eye is firmly on the prize.

It’s hot.  Very hot.  It’s already Perth summer heat and it’s only spring.  I’ve worked out how to make the best of the air-cons so that I am not under the constant barrage of cold air.  I drove to the beach – an hour to get there – after an hour I knew the sun was too hot – I may be tanorexic but I’m not stupid – I want brown not blisters.

Fuwairit Beach

Driving is making the world of difference.  Having my stuff is making it home (for now) and my two new cats, Jess and Carla, are keeping me on my toes and giving me some company.

1 of 2 - Jessica Cat

London was great – weather was unseasonably warm.  Though I have to say it was a different country than the one I left in January – recession and spending cuts on everyone’s lips and an sense of economic bleakness for the immediate future that wasn’t there before.

On the eve of the big day

Malta was amazing – a mix of histories – neolithic to roman to renaissance.  Quirky bus rides, blue seas, great food and good mates.  So nice to spend a week with Joe and let him play guide and revel in his Malteseness – there was a boat ride around the island and a day trip to Sicily thrown in too – simply sensational.

Valetta and our boat

Maltese Bus

Back to London for packing and a royal hoo ha.  Trafalgar Square for the wedding made for a fine last day with Joe in London town.  I was quite teary as I left – a sense of leaving and the finality of a significant life phase, but in order to have an interesting life every so often you need to pack up and move on – and I want home with choices.  Here is fine for now.  Hot and fine.

Farewell Blighty