No News is No News

October 6, 2011

I have nothing to say…

Desert Sunrise

Or rather nothing I can say after weeks of debacle negotiating a new contract – culminating in the random sacking of our CEO and his wife – throwing all previous negotiation to the quagmire and unable to start afresh as no-one is authorized to sign or negotiate.
My contract is up in three weeks.
There are scenerios A, B, C, D and possibly E – none of which can be discussed on a public forum and I am tired.  Tired of thinking, tired of planning, tired of asking.

Doha by Night from The Pearl

At the very least my visa expires on Oct 29th and they are legally obliged to send me to my country of naturalization – so home in three weeks – then let’s see.
Suzanne – Leonard Cohen just came into my headphones – honey for my aching soul.

The expat community I have embedded myself in has been wonderful in a sea of indecision and planning – thanks to Angela, Rachel, Jackie and the knitting girls (especially the Kirsty’s) for listening and helping me in the decision making process and their assistance in the execution of plans A, B, C & D.


It hasn’t all been a head f*ck though – had a lovely evening camping in the desert – an amazing star fix and evening swims in the sea.   Been keeping up my tan at the beach club and have almost finished another knitting/spinning project.

Our camping spot by day

Hopefully I’ll have more to say soon …


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