No, Thank You.

October 11, 2011

No, thank you, I won’t answer the million dollar question; I’ll take the money and leave.

Sometimes it’s not about the money, for me this is the first time it’s ever been about the money and unless the money is good, and I mean really good, then not interested.

Santorini - Greece

I said no to a shitty offer because I am worth more, and I don’t really want to be here – in a town which Lonely Planet describes as ‘the dullest place on Earth’.  Because I am not boring and I do not deserve a boring life – nine months of observation and alienation are enough – halas!

Downtown Doha

In saying that I will leave behind some amazing people – friendships formed in haste but solid and beautiful nonetheless.   As I said to my knitting group, if only these Monday nights and your friendship was enough, but as much as I love you guys it’s not.  Those of you who have touched me know who you are and I send genuine love and gratitude and the offer of place to stay in the Byron hinterland once I finally stop.

Byron Bay - 30 mins from where I hope to settle.

Many years ago – when I first started this adventure I was given the advice – jump from the bridge – what’s the worst that can happen – advice about giving up security and trusting that the universe will provide.

In many ways she has.

Pantheon - Rome

Today I made another jump – a decision made about self worth and what kind of future I want and what I am prepared to sacrifice to get there.

It has never been about cash for me and I am currently displaced.

Perth Coast

So back to my family in Perth for a couple of months, hopefully some temp work whilst my registration to teach in NSW is processed and then rural NSW for start of academic year unless I can find something beforehand.

Ephesus - Turkey

I set off from Bellingen broken hearted seven years ago and have seen so many amazing places and met many many wonderful people.

Beauville - France

I will miss being able to ‘pop to France for summer’ and proms at The Royal Albert Hall but will relish the family, friends, churning wild ocean, the sound of kookaburras and the blue/green contrast that only the Australian bush and sky can provide.

Royal Albert Hall

It’s time to come home.



7 Responses to “No, Thank You.”

  1. Nadia Says:

    And we will be welcoming you back with open arms, Pete. Perth will bring fond memories and frustrations – you can never go home again is right. It will also bring love and laughs and healing waters and cauterising sunshine. Can’t wait to see you.

  2. Skid Says:

    We can’t wait to see u yakers. It’s been too long.

  3. Kelly Says:

    Good call Pete. I’ll see you in Perth and/or NSW chicken. Sometimes knowing when to go home is as difficult and important as knowing when to leave.

  4. Perth, although small and dull at times, it is a place of security and a place where your friends will always be. We look forward to seeing you but know that it will be a temporary step on your journey. We wish the east and west coast were not so far apart and we too can pop over to Sydney for a wee trip as you have done to France whilst in the UK. One day, travel within Australia will be reasonable and easier. Take care and we welcome you home, a BBQ or two in the Perth Hills maybe in order! x

  5. pot Says:

    that is great news.look for to seeing you. give us a ring pete and we will party on the beautiful north coast. pot

  6. Pete…..your colourful and real personality, even rare in London, touched me, and many others. Home is wherever you head for and when home, keep the ‘away’ fires burning through writing!! – Oz is on my list. Miss you Love Fi xx

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