Falalalala Lala La La

December 30, 2011

Sunset at Lake Leshenaultia

Christmas was delightful – an array of feasts with various family factions which took in much turkey, ham and a delicious suckling pig that was my brothers festive trump – the semi vegetarian in me is obviously in hiatus and we did give thanks to said piglet.

Suckling Pig

It was my first Christmas in Perth for 12 years or so and really was time well spent; both parents are out of hospital and slowly on the mend and it was very very nice to be ‘home’ to spend Crimbo with them.


I haven’t worked the days between Christmas and New Year since I worked at Channel 10 many many moons ago and this year is no exception.  What I have always liked about this time is that it feels like school holidays – adult style – and this year I’m blessed with not only being home but having a bunch of mates and family here with time off too – it’s beaches and BBQ’s and late nights drinking rose and have I been away?  I’ve slipped back into home and it’s wonderful – I can’t fathom what ever drew me away and kept me for so long.  (in reality I do know – culture, wanderlust and curiosity)

Mum and Sandy - Fish and Chips at Floreat Beach

Piscean Pete is in her element, she is emerging from seven years of cooler climes and benign seas and embracing morning swims in glass clear seas, body surfing and deep dives followed by afternoon swims in churning washing machine surf as the Freo Doctor works its’ magic on a sweltering West Coast – how I denied myself the sea for so long is another mystery – I love it!  I’ve swum in the sea for six of the last seven days – I’m delightfully water logged.

Boxing Day

I have booked to head East at the end of January in time for the start of the 2012 academic year – I’m rather excited about this next phase of reinvention – I’ve been planning this northern NSW phase for many years now and that it is so close to implementation is making me quite heady with anticipation and possibilities.   I can’t wait to start putting down some roots and seriously stopping for a long while – I’ve pretty much been wandering since I quit Sydney ten years ago – time for a weary soul to rest and get some chooks.

Coast - from Trigs

I’ve achieved my goal of getting enough work to keep the wolf from the door – two language schools have given me enough hours to see me through.  I have two weeks in the New Year and then a trip down south with the old gang of Perth girls – they are all leaving spouses and children for a few days to take me to see the South Coast  I’ve never been further than Margaret River so am looking forward to the sojourn.

Cool Local Deli

It’s early morning NYE as I write this.  I have no plan for tonight and am surprisingly unfazed.  Fish and chips on the beach with Mum and Sandy watching the sun set into the sea sounds rather nice and the perhaps a star gaze and ponder as the calender clinks into 2012.


2011 seems to have dissolved into the ether – I guess I spent nine months of it bemused in a sandpit and it was certainly an interesting one – the highlights of which was the week in Malta and my unexpected homecoming.

Pete in her natural habitat

Happy 2012 to you and yours.


One Response to “Falalalala Lala La La”

  1. RosMadeMe Says:

    Happy New Year Peta…I hope 2012 is a fabulous year for you 🙂

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