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Topsy Turvey

March 14, 2012

Byron Bay

I have landed East and whilst it’s a tad topsy turvey I’m very happy to be here.

The Promised Land

I’ve spent the last 6 weeks in a sea of selection criteria, classrooms and conversation all aimed at getting me gainfully employed so that I can start to enjoy this beautiful place.


I have fingers in many pies, it’s a waiting game for now.


And it is a beautiful place – those green hills make my heart sing.

Lennox Head

I’ve been a glutton for swims, beaches, waterholes, lakes.

Never Never Creek

It’s been a lot harder to find work than I thought it would be.  I’ve managed to get a few days in schools – Ms Yaxley is back – but not enough to give live off long term.  It’s hopefully a strategy of getting known to schools and eventually getting blocks of work – first term is notoriously difficult for casual teachers, but there also appears to be a lot more casuals here.  I’m sending positive vibes for pregnancies and long service leave amongst English Teachers throughout the region.

From the Lighthouse

Job hunting seriously sucks.  Spending hours addressing selection criteria, bespoke to nit-picky specifications is wearing me down – but trying to keep the chin up and sustain momentum.

Hungry Head

I’ll have to be realistic about the sustainability of living here at some point – set a date and some alternate plans, but I will wait for my UK stuff to arrive from Qatar (currently on a ship between Abu Dhabi and Singapore) and at least get all my possessions in one spot before even contemplating another move.  Hopefully in sitting tight good things will happen – I only need one, moderately well paying and not too dull gig.

Lennox to Byron

So ‘Plan B’ has hit some hiccups after going so smoothly in the transition from Qatar to Perth and my brief visit to Brissy.

Vic's Place

In saying all this it needs to be said that Victoria has been amazing in letting me stay at hers.  I’ve had a couple of trips to Bellingen and reaquainted myself with many of my favourite nature spots.  It’s so nice to be home  – the countryside is gorgeous and the people are fantastic – I really want to make this work – it’s early days.  I have so many plans and just want to get stuck in.  I just need to be patient – but as some of you well know – patience has never been my strongest virtue.

The Neighbour